Ewelina Bubanja

The second series of interviews brings us the inspirational Ewelina Bubanja. I had the pleasure of meeting her  when I was living Berlin about three years ago. She had that loving and nurturing vibe that allowed me feeling connected with her immediately. 

She is a healer and a teacher, founder of Reiky School Berlin and Holistic Yoga Berlin.

Want to know more about her journey? Keep reading! 

What does being an Awakened Creatress mean to you?

As an Awakened Creatress I have learned that my power comes from unraveling my own unique thread and divine feminine truth and that competition between women is a waste of focus and energy. I understood that bright light of other women do not dim my own spark as every woman shine in her distinct and beautiful way.

On contrary, when we come together we create a stronger and more visible stream of light that facilitates greater change and benefits us individually and collectively.

⍙ How did you get where you are today?

I was a long way….it all started with a line of beautifully aligned synchronicities which of course I haven’t noticed at that time, yet it brought me to my first Reiki treatment. I must admit that one session caused an awakening in its purest form. I knew that the way I felt after Reiki was the way I want to feel every day. It brought a sense of undisturbed clarity. Answers to the questions that I have been facing for couple of years in what looked on the outside as a perfectly led life both professionally and personally. I felt I came back home to myself, and that sense of inner peace was what gave me strength to quit my old job almost immediately and withdraw from a postgraduate programme I was about to finish.

My life took a big turn, I signed up for Reiki Trainings to become a Certified Practitioner and started my conscious transition. I also moved from Ireland to South East Asia where I pursued Yoga and The Mindfulness Meditation Trainings and relocated to Berlin and founded Holistic Yoga Berlin and Seishin Reiki School Berlin respectively.

⍙ What is your business / work  about?

I am a founder of ‘Seishin Reiki School Berlin’ and ‘Holistic Yoga Berlin’ and since recently also a founder of the first ‘Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Temple’ in Berlin. My work and life’s mission involves guiding people in bringing their mind, body and spirit into alignment and harmony. Returning to their hearts and reconnecting with their inner compass.

I provide transformative and empowering healing sessions, Reiki Trainings and international Retreats. And also New Moon & Full Moon Women Circles with Reiki and Vibrational Healings through Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Baths.

⍙ What’s your favourite thing about [doing what you do]?

One of the biggest rewards from my work – which is in fact also my life’s mission – is bringing profound changes in my clients’ lives and on a larger scale I am fulfilling my life’s calling which is bringing more love and healing to the world. It is an incredible feeling to guide someone else to discover their life mission and connect them with their inner voice. To teach them techniques that allow to live more fulfilling and quality lifestyle.

Also being my own boss and having my head always full of new ideas and facing the challenges that come my way allows me to be in the constant development of self and stay inspired. I am never stuck in the definition of what I do.

⍙ Where do you find your confidence?

My confidence comes from the deep knowing in my heart that I am aligned with my purpose. What I am sharing with the world is not just my job but a pure passion and calling. This transcends my introverted nature and enables me to go beyond. I also support myself daily with rituals that keep me centered and well, including self treatment of Reiki, mindfulness meditation and sound bath, movement and being in contact with the nature. By following self care practices I stay calm and confident inside out.

 What does your daily job entail?

In what I do it is important to walk your talk. Hence I start every day with the energetic balancing techniques of Reiki. All my days differ, sometimes I begin with correspondence as I strongly believe in and have close relationship with my clients. I also do a lot of work around the publications and workbooks that accompany the Reiki Trainings.

Some days I hold individual Chakra Balancing Yoga sessions that optimize functioning of main energy centres. Other days are filled with individual or couple reiki treatments that support people in their individual healing journey or help to embrace the other on a soul level and create more space and understanding in the relationship.

Once a month I hold a Reiki Share for all past students. We meditate and exchange treatments. And twice a month I organize thematic Full Moon and New Moon Reiki Circles and Sound Baths where we work on the issues that are highlighted by planetary alignments.

⍙ What advice would you give to aspiring creatresses?

You can always change and rewrite your story.  Remember to always speak your voice from the space of your heart. Discover and dedicate fully to your gifts and commit to your authentic essence. Have patience and trust. Good things come with time.

〉Want to know more about her? 〈

A Healer and Teacher, she facilitates people who are seeking to explore and heal themselves wherever they feel out of alignment & balance. She is passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge of healing through the courses, workshops and retreats. As a Reiki Master Teacher & Yoga and Meditation Teacher, as well as a Nutrition Consultant she strongly believes in a holistic approach to healing.

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And she gave us a gift! In the link below you can access a meditation gift. Listen to her voice and words:


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