Vanessa Guerrero

Soul and softness is what you will find in the next interview. Vanessa is soulful entrepreneur and artist. I had the pleasure to meet her few months ago when she offered her invaluable organisational skills to help me organise the first Awakened Creatress event in August of last year (2016). She is an inspiring creatress of whimsical  and magical paintings, as well as the founder of an online community of soulpreneurs.

Reading her interview warmed my heart; let yours be snugged by her words. 

⍙ What does being an awakened creatress mean to you?

 For me, to be an Awakened Creatress means to reconnect with my true self, my soul whispers. It means to listen to your inner voice, to create from a place of love, to follow your intuition and to allow yourself to express what wants to be seen.

⍙ How did you get where you are today?

The beginning of the journey back to my true self, was when I had to make a choice about what kind of person I wanted to be.

I lived my life according to others’ expectations. I felt like a blank page, without knowing who I was and I had no connection to my inner self. This way of living brought me to the point where I risked my health and my relationships just to fit in, to feel good enough, to be loved and accepted. I had to make a choice, continuing like that would have meant giving up my life.

I decided to reach out for help and go to therapy, which was my first step on my healing journey. It was a time of ups and downs, but I decided to turn towards life even if I couldn’t imagine what was waiting for me – I blindly trusted the possibilities taking one little step at a time to reconnecting with my soul.

Despite the progress I had made in Therapy, I didn’t trust my abilities to build the life I wanted, I struggled to overcome my fears. After trying on my own to move forward, I reached my limits. This was the point when I decided to look for someone who could help me to move towards my soul desires.

Thanks to the new personal development concepts I discovered, I started to feel alive again. Caroline Leon helped me to discover several of the empowering practices I learned, she motivated me and she was an inspiration to believe in my dreams. Ever since I’m constantly exploring new practices such as meditation, stillness and yoga, which have been essential to hear my soul again.

The essence of my journey has been about looking back to what happened to me, realizing what are my limitations, accepting myself, letting go of my limiting believes, trusting my soul desires, reaching out for help and taking one step a time.  

⍙ What’s your favourite thing about supporting Soulful Entrepreneurs and being an artist? 

As a Soulful Entrepreneur, my favourite thing is to work closely with other soulful entrepreneurs. I enjoy helping them to bring their gifts into the world and creating a positive change. My heart expands when I contribute to something bigger than all of us.

As an artist, my favourite thing is the joy of creating, to get still and listen to my inner whispers. The idea that it may bring joy and help to heal another soul makes me really happy.

⍙ If your teenage self could see you now what would she think?

She wouldn’t believe it. She would wonder how did I create this life, knowing the place I came from. She would be amazed about all the incredible souls in my life, and all the love I receive. She would be so grateful to see the safe space I have created, where I can discover and explore life. She would be proud of all the dreams that have come true. She would be in peace, because she would know she will find a way, she would always find a way.

⍙ What do you still want to achieve?

There are plenty of soul desires I haven’t manifested in my life yet. I search to feel connected, vital, sensual, soulful and joyful. I don’t know how this will look like but I stay curious about how it will unfold.

One of the things I want to bring to live is a soulful hotel with creative workshops and events. I want to hold a space for souls to reconnect with their inner whispers.
I’m currently working on building an online community for dreamers who want to share and create their vision with like – minded souls.
One of my wishes is organizing a small soul whisper exposition with my paintings , that would be amazing!

⍙ What advice would you give to aspiring creatresses?

My dear loving beautiful Creatress! You are whole, you ARE already enough, allow yourself to blossom, allow yourself to be seen! BE YOU, shine your light… shine so bright, you will inspire others to do the same!

⍙ What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Trust yourself! Trust your heart and inner whispers. You are already what you are looking for … you are enough, the way you are today! This statement gives me so much peace, I have to revisit it plenty of times. It encourages me to look inside me, it reminds me that I can just BE me and grow and expand from a place of love and inspiration.

⍙ Where do you find confidence?

Honestly? I’m still on my journey to feel confident. But I feel it mostly when I’m surrounded by inspiring authentic souls who are encouraging me to see the beauty in my soul. It’s the love and the safe space which allows me to start little by little to grow my own confidence.

〉Want to know more about her? 〈

She is an inspiring creatress of whimsical  and magical paintings, as well as the founder of an online community of soulpreneurs.

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Find her here:

Her art:

Heart Project the Online Community From Heart to World (Launch Date 1st of March) 

Instagram: soul_whisper_art


Society6: soulwhisperArt


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