Caroline Leon

Truly inspirational woman. Caroline Leon is one of the first people I met in the “online world” back in 2011. I found her blog, Life is Limitless, and I have been following her since. Her blog post those days were a source of inspiration and motivation. Her offerings as a life and business coach, which I have benefited from, and her circle of women (Limitless Women’s Circle) are one of the pillars of my life as it is now.

I have just love and admiration for this incredible woman!

⍙ What does being an Awakened Creatress mean to you?

I love the term Awakened Creatress and for me it’s significance is three-fold. Firstly it speaks to the role we play in the creation of everything there is in our own personal world. The creation of our relationships, our businesses, our happiness and fulfilment and even our problems and worries and woes. It also speaks of the feminine to me. I can be in my creator or my creatress and I believe that they both have a place for me. How I create from the feminine is distinct from how I create from the masculine and in my life it’s important that I honour and nurture both. And finally the word awakened speaks to my personal awareness of the creatress within me, my awareness and full acceptance of her important role in my life. It is my belief that we are creating the story of our lives in every moment whether we are aware of that fact or not. When our inner Creatress is awakened we cease to create accidentally and can instead live our lives with intention and create specifically, that which we deeply desire for ourselves.

⍙ How did you get where you are today?

A combination of hard work and radical self-acceptance. It’s been a carefully orchestrated dance! The need to push myself to take risks, to be bold and to aim high, at the same time as learning to love and accept myself precisely as I am. It’s a paradox clearly, but then I’ve found that most of the greatest truths are. If we can keep moving forward whilst embracing the present moment we can be and do anything. I guess the way to do this is to truly and deeply love the journey, as cliché as that might sound.

⍙ Was there a turning point in your journey?

Absolutely, I can even remember the exact moment on the exact day, as if it were only yesterday. It was over 7 years ago now and I had been struggling with life for a while. I was at that time unhappy in my job, entangled in various toxic relationships and engaged in several self-destructive habits and as a result, was deeply unhappy with my life.

Around the same time, I had a huge realisation that I needed help, I realised that alone I couldn’t crack this thing called life. I was not a religious person, although I had always believed in something. On this day in particular, I was sat on my bedroom floor in tears and I asked whoever might be listening up there for help. I asked to be shown the way to happiness, I asked to be shown a way out of my misery.

Later that same day, I discovered that over the road from my apartment was a therapist’s office, an office that despite walking past every day for over a year, I had never before noticed. I promptly made an appointment and thus began a journey of self-discovery that would see my life transform in ways that to this day, still blow my mind.

⍙ What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Stop playing the victim. One of the greatest lessons I have learned on my journey is that I always have a choice. I can be (or play) the victim of my circumstances or I can be the creator (or Creatress) of my life. Once I realised that I have 100% responsibility for my life and what happens in it, which was at once both a terrifying and liberating thought, everything began to change for me. I walked away from unhealthy relationships, I gave up self-destructive patterns of behaviour, I sought out all the information I could about healing my relationship to self, transforming my life and realising my dreams. I finally took matters into my own hands and I never looked back.

⍙ What’s your favourite thing about a Life and Business Coach?

My decision to become a coach stems from the turning point I referenced earlier. Many times early on in my own personal transformation, I struggled with the fact that I had been gifted the right teachers, the right resources and the right information to turn my life around when others around me were still struggling with unhappiness and feeling stuck. It was around that time that I made the decision to become a Coach. I knew it was my calling in life to help others to transform their life and to help them to see the greater levels of peace, happiness and fulfilment that I myself had. Getting to witness and support this journey in other people’s lives is an honour and a gift that I never tire of.

⍙ Where do you find your confidence?

A great lesson I’ve learned along my way is that confidence isn’t something I need to look for, find or attain. Confidence is my birth right and my natural state. What happens for many of us, sometimes I think women in particular, is that our confidence gets covered up by our fears, doubts and insecurities – the noise in our minds. The good news is that those fears, doubts and insecurities are merely thoughts, creations of the mind, which we can choose to believe and attach to or we can simply see for what they really are. Just thoughts. When we see them for what they really are, we are better able to allow them to flow through us, thereby revealing the full glory of our inner and innate confidence that lies beneath.

Realising this helps me to tap into my innate confidence more easily. That doesn’t mean there aren’t days or circumstances in which I feel cut off from my confidence but this understanding definitely helps!

⍙ What advice would you give to aspiring creatresses?

Make it your mission to become deeply aware of the role thought and over-thinking plays in holding you back in life. You have a choice about which thoughts you believe, so make it a priority get to know, intimately, both the voice of your inner critic and the voice of your inner creatress and pay significant attention to the latter. She, and only she, knows how to take you to the highest heights, whilst your inner critic, on the other hand, only knows how to keep you small. Let your creatress loose and see what magic she makes.  

〉Want to know more about her? 〈

Caroline Leon is a Life and Business Coach, founder of Life is Limitless where she offers courses for those wanting to grow and evolve deeply, and to live their life in their own terms. 


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