Olga Chirkova

Olga Chirkova, inspiring and multifaceted woman. She is a vegan chef and a blogger at Chirkolateur Food. Know more about her stimulating story of overcoming and re-invention.

⍙ How did you get where you are today? 

I listened to myself attentively, patiently, compassionately and lovingly for the last 3 years. Then took all the courage I have, jumped over all of my fears, concerns and “might be’s” and went for what my inner voice is telling me.

⍙ Was there a turning point in your journey? 

There probably was one turning point, when I realized that I spend most of my lifetime doing things I don’t want to do at all, feeling like I don’t want to feel (concerned, stressed out, etc), being in places and around people I don’t want to be.

⍙ What had been ambitions / dreams growing up? 

My dream has always been to express myself in many different ways, so I was a very creative and curious child. I was singing, dancing, acting, writing poetry, songs, music all of my life. But one of my biggest passions, which always was shining, has been cooking. Short: I always wanted to be an artist in my own way.

⍙ Has there been a defining moment in your life that has made you who you are? 

I was in a deep “invisible” depression since an early age. It happened inside of me and I didn’t find the courage to ask for help. Also nobody was really taking me seriously. About 3 years ago I had to make a decision, because life didn’t make sense anymore. Thanks to certain supportive people on my way and my own curiosity for life, I have chosen to re-invent myself.

⍙ What were you like at school? 

I was an average student and never really studied hard. I was always interested in creating and educating myself about what I really like and am good at. College was boring. University wasn’t the time of my life either.

⍙ What’s the best advice you’ve been given? 

Stop smoking and forgive your parents. Ah, yes and literally trust your heart and intuition, you have everything you need already.

⍙ What do you do day-to-day? 

Cooking, developing recipes, thinking about food, writing/reading about personal development and self-educating myself regarding what I’d like to know. It’s a rule to learn every day and to grow even a tiny bit in every sector of my life: body, mind and relationships.

⍙ What does you daily job entail? 

Cooking and thinking about food 🙂

⍙ What’s your favourite thing about [doing what you do]? 

Fresh amazing food makes happy and the right food is the best medicine to our bodies and minds. I’m making myself and others happy with my vegan dishes. I love it and enjoy my own food very much. I learned from many successful people, that you have to love what you do and not to be scared to be open about it. So for today I love everything about cooking: cutting, chopping, grating, baking, frying, washing the dishes, floors and pans.

Also I love to learn everything about vegan food and plant based nutrition. I feel so happy, when I meet people who can share with me some vegan wisdom or anything about any cuisine and then I can “veganize” it.

⍙ What is your business / work about? 

Today I can proudly call myself a vegan cook, who loves to sing, to write, to discuss self-expression and healing of the soul. Currently I’m traveling Portugal and Spain, cooking in beautiful places and exploring myself through everything what happens to me.

⍙ Where do you find your confidence? 

For me it’s important to surround myself with like-minded, success oriented, curious people, who are taking action and creating their life of their dreams day by day against all odds. Those people will always, ALWAYS encourage you and trust in you, no matter what. This world is crazy, scary and tries to prevent us from being our true selves and leap, so I get a lot of confidence from sharing and exchanging with like-minded warriors. With every day I become better and more confident by taking baby steps towards my dream. For me there’s one key: taking action, trying, re-creating yourself, trying some more … It seems like I’m always at the very beginning of this beautiful journey.

⍙ Is there someone in particular who has inspired you? 

I look up to many amazing (business-)women who are personal chefs, recipe developers, mothers, yogis, writers, photographers, wives and just awesome, helpful humans – all in one. Almost every person I’ve met on my way during the last 3 years somehow made a big impact. A huge inspiration was my life-long soulmate, best friend, a successful singer Dima Sirota. He opened my eyes to so many things and especially to my own beauty and power.

⍙ What advice would you give to your teenage self? 

Express yourself in any ways you like. Emotionally, spiritually, physically, creatively. Go play life, try yourself, no fears.

⍙ If your teenage self could see you now what would she think? 

“I like this girl!” 🙂

⍙ What is the biggest risk you’ve taken? 

Leaving my good comfortable life, selling everything I have, buying a Backpack and a one-way flight to Barcelona in October 2016 and letting life happening to me. But the biggest and the most beautiful risk was: listening to myself, hearing myself and trusting myself.

⍙ What do you still want to achieve? 

I would love to have my own cute, petite (or huge), cozy vegan restaurant surrounded by nature where I can combine my love to healthy nutrition, arts, beautiful music, organic farming and lots of positive energy. Healing in every sense. Also I’d love to encourage people to share their talents, to be true to themselves and to trust the unknown. And if we fail? Well we will learn a lesson and can grow stronger. If all of what I wish today never will come true – at least I’ve tried. And I lived life to the fullest.

⍙ What advice would you give to aspiring creatresses?

Never underestimate your infinite power. Tiny steps give huge results and just believe me, YES, you can literally do everything you want because you already have everything you need. You are even so much more than you see in yourself. Just close your eyes, feel your dreams, dream big, smile, see your own pure intention. Beautiful, isn’t it?

〉Want to know more about her? 〈

She is Olga Chirkova, vegan chef, creating simple vegan recipes to cook every day. Follow her here:



Instagram: @chirkolateur_food


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