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This is a tribe of:

⍙ Awakened creators and creatresses who woke up to realise their power, calling, purpose… in this world and took action.

⍙ Action takers who had to fight hard to carve out a place for themselves.

⍙ Fighters who heard their calling, listened to it and are now in the midst of the battle.

⍙ Listeners who have their ears peeled because they know they are here for a reason but don’t know what that purpose looks like yet.

>>> ⍙ <<<


This group is about giving and receiving inspiration and support.

We, creative souls, have all gone through this process, are going through it or will go through it in the future.

We know that listening to the empty space inside telling us that we are here to create something is scary.

Going to journey of discovering why we are here is frightening.

Listening to the voice of our higher wise self is terrifying.

Taking action on that calling is paralysing.

But is all those things when we do it alone.

When we are supported by others on the same journey, the scary becomes exciting, the terrifying becomes electrifying and the paralysing becomes stimulating.

If we are human and alive, we are creatresses and creators, and we are here to create!

Join us!

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