Empowerment through self-expression

Women empowerment through self-expression.

The role model effect.

We get inspired by what we see. So, if we want more women in positions of power we need to expose women and girls to female leaders which will serve as role models for girls to aspire to. A study co-authored by MIT economist Esther Duflo (2012), along with three colleagues, shows that the increased presence of local female political leaders in India has had a marked impact on adolescents and their families, raising the career aspirations and educational performance of young women.

“We think this is due to a role-model effect: Seeing women in charge persuaded parents and teens that women can run things, and increased their ambitions. Changing perceptions and giving hope can have an impact on reality,” says Duflo. Whereas the opposite, help to increase the gap.

That is why it is important to expose girls to many and varied female role models. Because it not only inspire them but also their parents.

However, as important as it is showing their successes it is important to show their struggles. If role models are “too” successful, their level of success may seem unattainable and cause others to devalue their own worth by comparison. That is why is important to share their successes as much as their journey and struggles.

We still measure female empowerment, mostly, by women’s achievements in the economic, political, and educational spheres, somehow neglecting that women’s participation in the cultural field is an important barometer to measure female empowerment.

And the thing is that the arts provides a vital platform for women to express their views about identity and their rights within societies not fully accepting of the role of women as culture producers.

In any case, art facilitates the container in which minorities, young people, women from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, can express and share their personal stories. Any individual manifestation of our internal creative impulse inevitably touches others, and that is how we inspire and create change.

It is only by a combination of critical thinking and self expression that we can find a remedy for the inequality and crisis in our societies.

We must communicate our views concerning the need for further reform. Quoting the organisation Femme Q:

“What is needed to face the current crises is a framework for innovation: moving from exploitation to integration, greed to generosity, from competition to collaboration.
This is possible through the profound honouring of feminine principles and qualities in business, politics and our society as a whole – we call this intelligence FemmeQ.
By cultivating feminine intelligence and wisdom equally in both women and men, we restore the balance of these qualities that are essential to transform the current crises we face: the brilliance of INTUITION, the potency of COMPASSION, the gift of LISTENING and the warmth of INCLUSIVITY.
We want to reform the current dominant gender paradigm creating a more balanced world with men and women stepping into their power, holding positions of leadership and expressing themselves fully”.

Our goal for this event is ultimately to SPREAD AWARENESS. We want to bring artists, writers, speakers, performers, mothers, sisters, activists, women and men telling stories, however they might be, uplifting, raw with emotion and harsh reality, inspiring… to the forefront of world consciousness.

Because only by SHARING our STORIES we can INSPIRE we can make understand that feminism is not only a women cause, but everyone’s.