Dublin, August 2016


Clara Rose Thornton


Clara Rose Thornton is a multiple slam champion, including the 2014/15/16 Leinster (Dublin) Slam Poetry Champion. Her themes of social justice, identity politics, and place have been featured at Electric Picnic, Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York, Bar Demory in Paris, Christiania Jazzklub in Copenhagen, and Project Arts Centre in Dublin. In fall 2014 she toured Ireland as the headlining artist for the nation’s inaugural Black History Month, which she was instrumental in founding. The previous year saw her tour Europe as Vice & Verses, a site-specific performance she conceived involving her original spoken word set to live music, co-composed with native musicians in the countries in which the shows were performed [Croatia, Denmark, France, Ireland].

As a broadcaster, she acts as film critic on “Arena” on RTÉ Radio 1, discusses the arts, race, and culture on the likes of “The Ryan Tubridy Show” on RTÉ Radio 1, and has appeared regularly as a television cultural critic on RTÉ 1’s “Morning Edition”. Irish poetry publication includes Colony and wordlegs, while her evocative cultural criticism has been published in newspapers and magazines worldwide, including the Irish Independent and The Irish Times. She is Chicago-born, New-York-simmered, Dublin-dwelling.


⍙ Shirley Graham


Dr. Shirley Graham is a Research Fellow affiliated with the Irish Institute for Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction. She defended her PhD thesis on ‘Equal but Different: Gender Discourses in the Social Relations of Irish Peacekeepers & Possibilities for Transformation’ in June 2013 (external examiner Prof. Annica Kronsell, Lund University, Sweden). Her research explores the gendering processes within militaries that position women and men in particular roles informally and which support or inhibit women’s access to peacekeeping missions.  It makes an important contribution to feminist theory and practice through its new empirical data on Irish peacekeepers and the development of critical alternative discourses on gender. Shirley was a Government of Ireland Scholar (IRCHSS) and completed her PhD at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Shirley taught undergraduates on the Egalitarian World Initiative programme in the School of Social Justice, University College Dublin (2008-9) and undertook her Masters Degree in the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University (2003-4).  She has extensive experience as a practitioner including the co-ordination of the Hanna’s House All-Ireland Feminist Peace Project (2008-2012); the facilitation of a civil society consultation on Ireland’s first National Action Plan on UNSCR 1325 (2010-2011); and advising the Board of the Glencree Centre for Peace & Reconciliation on its Women’s Peace & Reconciliation Leadership Programme (2014).


⍙ Lisa de Jong


Lisa de Jong is an Irish poet and English language teacher based in Dublin. She is half Irish, half Dutch but was raised mostly in Delgany, Co. Wicklow. She studied Business and French and then Linguistics at Trinity College Dublin. She has had poetry published in The Yellow Book, UK and in the Irish Literary Review. She has been longlisted for Fish publishing and shortlisted for New Irish Writing in the Irish Times. She is the winner of the 2016 Leanne O’Sullivan poetry competition about which Leanne has written:

I very much admire the atmosphere this poem creates through its technical achievement, it’s use of rhyme and repetition and a wonderful rhythmic sway the writer brings to every line.  But what impressed me very much is how the writer is able to marry that musicality with maturity and wisdom.  She brings together past and present, myth and experience in a way that is immediate and intimate and incredibly moving.  I look forward to meeting this writer in our workshop!

Lisa enjoys sharing her poetry at readings around Dublin and family events.



⍙ Julie Le Carrer


Julie Le Carrer is a Healer, a Performer and an Intuitive Artist. With her voice, her presence and her movements she expresses herself purely from intuition; channeling what is there in deep presence. The particularity of her expression is that it instantly brings a sense of peace, grounding and self-connection. What Julie loves is to create, and share her creations to help and guide others to be in their body and feel connected mind, body & soul, connected to who they truly are.

Julie is starting to share her work with the world through videos and audios. Since last spring she is leading online international group sessions for women called “Return to Yourself”.  And she has many projects in preparation like releasing guided audio series for self-connection and staging her own Healing Show.

Originally from France, Brittany; Julie spent most of her twenties in London, a period of time which really influenced who she is today, before moving to Brussels in 2006 where she currently resides.

In essence, Julie is a woman with big dreams, a big heart and a fierce desire to help change the world.


⍙ Vanessa March


I say it started in 2013…this incarnation.

However I have been working in the arts/ creatively since graduation from NCAD in 1994.

Following a journey onto a number career paths that didn’t quite fit…I moved into a stint intellectualising my work whilst completing an MA in visual arts practice.

Finally I settled into a happy path of sitting, mark making, daydreaming and letting what is in my head out via a pen and paper.

My work begins and ends with marks on paper, on maps,on wrapping,on packaging, new, old, rescued, torn bits and pieces. The subject matter evolves from random thoughts, ideas, visual prompts, words spoken on radio, snippets of conversations overheard, comments on social media and visuals stumbled upon daily.

The marks made are drawings of items that clutter the space in my minds-eye which serve no real purpose other than to be expelled from my psyche so I have room for more jostling sounds and images to take their place

My work can be found in collections such as The Office of Public Works, The Bank of Ireland Collection and in many private collections worldwide- and not forgetting prints from my originals that hang in many lovely homes and walls everywhere.

Follow her work in Instagram and Facebook.


⍙ Fiona O’Meara


Fiona O’Meara is a Toastmaster and public speaking teacher who likes to push the boundaries in public speaking. She has won several speaking contests, came second in the UK and Ireland Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest Finals 2014 and has performed comedy improv with groups ‘The ‘Provcats’ and ‘Idle Banter.’

Fiona has two first class honours degrees in languages, politics and business but by far her greatest achievements have been learning to walk and work again after being bed-bound for years due to illness. Unable, during that time, to perform simple tasks like brushing her own teeth or getting dressed, she had to redefine the concept of success for herself. Still struggling to come to terms with the impact illness has had on her life,  she has become fascinated by society’s unhealthy obsession with status and success and regularly talks on the topic.



⍙ Caroline Ryan



Caroline Ryan is a PhD Student and researcher at DCU whose focus is on sexuality, pornography and feminism, and more specifically how feminist theory interprets the subjective experiences of female porn stars.






⍙ Shawna Scott


Shawna Scott is the owner of SexSiopa.ie, Ireland’s multi-award winning health and designed focused sex shop. Over the past 3 and a half years, Shawna has built a successful business based on her passion for promoting sex positivity and excellent customer service. She has created an online space that is not only welcoming and uniquely Irish, but also exclusively sells products made from bodysafe materials, since the sex toy industry is notoriously unregulated worldwide. Throughout her journey, Shawna has been given the opportunity to speak at colleges and festivals across the country and has appeared on national television, radio, in newspapers, and glossy magazines. Her dream is to one day move down to the country and manufacture her own line of toys and accessories.




⍙ Wendy Stephens



Wendy was writing in diaries for years before she looked over them and realised that she had some things she wanted to say out loud. She finds the process of writing and performing poetry a way of understanding her inner world and bridging the gap between it and the world outside.




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